Travelling to Canada (by Air) with a Breastfeeding Infant, what are the necessities?

Travelling to Canada from the Philippines takes about 18 hours and 30 minutes for a non-stop flight from Manila to Toronto. When we first traveled to Canada back in 2017, my little one is just over a little 1 year old and is still breastfeeding. Of course, one of the worries of parents during long travels is how to keep baby quiet so as not to disturb other passengers. The secret? BREASTFEED your baby 🙂 My little one slept long periods of sleep during the flight but he breastfed almost like non-stop. It’s called unlimited latching.

By the way, we took the night flight because that is when my little one really sleeps for long period. During takeoff, my little one breastfed for almost an hour then slept for the next 10 hours. This was only one of the golden moments where I too was able to sleep without waking up to breastfeed. We were not able to get a bassinet so my little one just slept cradled in my arms. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why my little one slept soundly, the feeling of being wrapped around Mommy’s arms.

What saved me is my Skip Hop breastfeeding cover. I posted detailed review about this in the Products Review page. This breastfeeding cover also acted like a safety blanket so the sleep overcame the possibility of being bored during the flight. I brought a lot of toys but was not able to use one of them during the flight because my little one just enjoyed watching the in-flight movies for Kids. We got the economy class so yes, they have movies for little ones as well.

And yes, you will need to bring the following as well during your trip:

  • Extra food just in case your little one does not like the in-flight food. With extra food also comes snacks just in case your little one would rather eat anything crunchy.
  • Extra water (if your baby is 6 months older only, if not then do not give water)
  • Nursing pillow (for those with babies younger than 6 months)
  • Toys, but do not bring small toys or balls or anything that can roll in the floor. You don’t want to spend your flight picking up toys that have fallen under the seat.
    • I suggest that you buy new toys and make sure your little one does not see them before the flight. In this manner, their attention span with the toy is longer and they are more eager to tinker with their new toy.
    • I highly recommend Crayola travel packs for those with little ones 1 year and up.
    • For those with infants, you can just bring any soft book or soft toy that will catch your little ones attention.
  • Diapers
    • For infants – they frequently poop and urinate so bring at least 10
    • For one year and up – bring at least 5
  • Baby wipes
  • Extra change of clothes – two sets can do. Also check the weather in Canada where you will land. Coming from a tropical country, even the summer in Canada might be a little chilly for you. So make sure you bundle up appropriately.
  • Baby oil – keep it under 25ml. Just a few drops to put in your little one’s tummy to keep the cold out.

The routine of my little one during the flight was breastfeed, sleep, wake-up, change diapers and clothes to freshen up, eat, watch movie (only one), breastfeed, sleep, change of clothes to prepare for chilly weather upon landing, and eat. That’s it 🙂 Surprisingly, the travel went well for us. I think, what really helped a lot during the trip was the fact that I just made my little one latch on to my breast without the need of preparing milk and everything.

So, do not be afraid to travel with a breastfeeding little one. I have read travelers and backpackers who travel with breastfeeding little ones who enjoyed their trip so just go on with your plans and enjoy those times where they cuddle up very close to you. Remember, once they are bigger, they will not even allow you to kiss or hug them in public.

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