I don’t have enough milk…NOT true!

Why would you think that you do not have enough milk? Because your breasts “feel” empty? Or your breasts are not leaking? Whatever the reason, please do not feel and think that way. I’ve seen countless of stories about this and there is one story that stands out to me that always reminds me that every woman can produce milk no matter what her age is. Cannot believe me? Look at this post in Facebook from the Philippine Commission on Women. Ines Avellana-Fernandez is one of the breastfeeding experts in the Philippines, and her example just shows how a woman at her age can still breastfeed. There are also many news about grandmothers breastfeeding babies around the globe, just like this Nigerian grandmother, Aisha who do not have any monetary means to give food to the baby except to breastfeed to keep the baby alive.

These ladies are my inspiration in continuing my breastfeeding journey. Whenever I doubt myself on my capability to breastfeed, I always think of how these grandmothers are able to produce milk at their age.  It really is about demand and supply because our breasts will trigger the production of milk if there is a demand for it.

However, if you are a working mom with limited access to pumping facilities, I really suggest to at least pump once or twice while you are away at work in your 9 to 5 job. Even during your break please make a way to pump. Also, please do not take it against your little one if night time breastfeeding is longer and more frequent because this is just your little one’s way of making up for the time that you are away and in maintaining your breastmilk supply.

Also, if you breastfeed at home, try to pump the other breast that is available while your little one is latching on the other side. This will help in increasing the demand for milk and at the same time increase your stash of milk for your little one’s consumption for the day. I use a manual pump for this because it is not noisy and less distracting for my little one.

For the consumption of galactogogues, please consult first with a lactation consult before taking them because you want it to be tailor-fitted to your needs. You need to know the root cause of reduced milk supply first before you take these. I used horseradish (malunggay) leaves that I boil with chicken or beef soup when I was establishing my milk supply because lactation consultants in the Philippines are okay with this. Also, it is a good source of multivitamins that can help in the nutritional intake of mother and baby.

A woman is built to produce milk, and any woman can do it.

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