Breastfeeding and C-Section

Both my Mom and my Mother-in-Law said that I cannot breastfeed because I will give birth via C-Section. Guess what, this breastfeeding myth is not true. I had the bikini cut (horizontal cut) because my ob-gyn told me that this is the easiest way to heal due to the incision not going against gravity.

I’ve breastfed my little one since day 1. I am lucky that my hospital in the Philippines (Medical City, Ortigas) is supportive of breastfeeding. Right after my little one was delivered, I had skin-to-skin contact with my angel. My little one crawled right up to my nipple and tried to suck. They let my little on suck until finished. The memory is still so surreal because as a first time Mom it was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I did not know if there is a milk nor did I bother to ask because my ob-gyn silenced me when I was about to ask her about my milk supply. These are her words if I can remember correctly since I had epidural so I was kinda sleepy “You have milk called colostrum, you will not see it if your baby is sucking but the fact that your little one tried means you are going to be okay”.

During my 3-day stay in the hospital, my ob-gyn educated my Mom and my Mother-in-Law about breastfeeding even if I had c-section. She said that these two do not have any connections at all and I can breastfeed all I want. Coming from a medical doctor, I think this is sufficient enough to say that you can breastfeed even if you had c-section, just like me 🙂

And if you think that at 1 week you are not making enough milk, please see this image below that illustrates how big you little one’s tummy size is. This means that your body will only produce enough milk to nourish the very cute tummy size of your little one:


Baby’s stomach size from Day 1

With this image, I do hope to ease some of the pressure that you are feeling right now when it comes to milk supply 🙂 Also, it is not true that you will produce “little milk” because you had c-section. I have a friend who is currently living in Winnipeg, and her milk supply is plentiful. She also had c-section. 🙂 Fret not Momma 🙂