Watch your baby not the clock and not the scale

I too received an advice that I should breastfeed 15 minutes in one breast then 15 minutes on the other. This is wrong according to Nay Ines Avellana-Fernandez when I talked to her about my breastfeeding journey. She is one of the strong breastfeeding advocates in the Philippines. According to her, if your baby wants to breastfeed on one side of your breast for the session then go with it.

This is even beneficial for your little one because she can get more hindmilk when she breastfeeds until the end of the session in one breast. The hindmilk is the milk at the end of the feeding that has a higher fat content than foremilk. Foremilk is the milk at the beginning of the breastfeeding session. Also, the most wonderful feeling is that when your little one is sleeping and well-satisfied after breastfeeding.

I’ve also been told countless times by my Mom, mother-in-law, and her sisters that my little one is thin. Breastfed babies are naturally thin than their formula-fed counterparts. Hence, WHO released an international growth standard that establishes the growth of breasted babies ages 0 to 2 years. For tots aged 2 years and older the CDC growth chart is used. For references, I posted below the links to the charts, and hope you can bring this to your pediatricians for their use.

The WHO Growth Charts

In a nutshell, do not be pressured if your little one is on the smaller side of the scale. My little one has been thin but is healthy and super active. I’ve also mentioned in a previous post that my pediatrician is not a breastfeeding advocate and I just don’t listen to her if she is telling me things about my little one being on the small side. Rather, I make sure that my little one is eating healthy and breastfeeding. Although, now that I work my little one’s daycare is giving homogenized milk but I make sure that whenever I am with my little one I breastfeed all the time.