Hand Expression of Breast Milk

Hand expression of breast milk is one of the skills that a breastfeeding Mom must learn in her journey. This will also help during the collection of colostrum if your little one is still adjusting with her latching. Hand expression can also help Moms with engorged breasts, and clogged ducts.

Nay Ines Avellana – Fernandez, the strong breastfeeding advocate in the Philippines believes in the power of hand expression than pumping. After every lactation massage from a certified lactation consultant, I tried to hand express my milk and it is so awesome to see the output is usually more than what I get from my electronic pumps.

Please be reminded that always wash your hands and your breasts before starting to hand express. Also, I advice to wash your breasts with warm flowing water and gently massaging them clockwise, counterclockwise, and gently pressing your breasts on the sides for 10 to 15 minutes in order to prepare you milk to flow naturally.

Here are video tutorials that can help you in hand expressing your breast milk:

  1. From Stanford University: Dr. Jane Morton’s video
  2. From Maya Bolman, IBCLC and Ann Witt, MD, FABM, IBCLC
  3. I would also like to share this video from a Filipina lactation consultant. I have been referring to this video every time I want to do a lactation massage on my own. It is supported by Breastfeeding Pinays so it is a trusted community of lactation experts in the Philippines. Just refer to the subtitles found at the upper left hand corner of the screen for English. The video is organically made so it is in our language but just follow the steps and it is very helpful.

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