Acupuncture points for breast milk production

Great news Mommies especially to those whose company benefits covers acupuncture! There are acupressure points for increasing your breast milk supply. According to a research done in Hanzhong Shanxi Hospital, there are pressure points that can significantly boost milk supply and this was proved when the performed a study of 116 women who suffer from secretion of milk deficiency (hypogalactia, hypogalactorrhea).

Here is the link to the study done in China for more references, but I took note of an important diet that the study mentioned, which is to eat a lot of Papaya. The vitamins and minerals content of this fruit is so great for increasing milk supply. I did more research about Papaya and yes it has great benefits to your milk supply plus it can boost your immune system and improve your vision.

Below is a video that shows the acupressure points for breast milk improvement:

So, I would say, go now and take advantage of that company benefit and have a relaxing day at the clinic/spa.