A lactation consultant’s advice on taking galactagogue is really important. However, even I am guilty with this, some of us do not have the time and the budget to get a lactation consultant so when there are times that we feel our milk supply is low we resort to taking galactagogues. Okay, so I’d rather share with you natural foods that are popular in increasing breast milk supply. Some of these are popular in Southeast Asia, which I think we are one of the most traditional and most organic when it comes to breast milk.


In my previous post about acupuncture for increasing milk supply, I will repeat again that Papaya is one of the top foods in Asia for increasing milk supply. I’ve checked the supermarkets in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver and found that Papaya is sold in these locations. But, if you can look for UNRIPE GREEN Papaya, that is a better option because it is known to best increase oxytocin. Of course do not eat unripe green papaya raw. Use this as an ingredient for a soup dish. Getting hydrated because of soup plus the healthy benefits of the green papaya mixed in the soup will give you a boost in milk supply and yummy meal at the same time. Talking about hitting two birds with one stone.


A food that is very abundant in North America, this comes second to my list. I found lots of organic options for this from various supermarkets in the area so it is easily accessible for breastfeeding Moms. You can even order a cheap organic version from Amazon. What makes oats special? They are rich in iron that helps increase the supply of red blood cells. Especially during the cold months, I love taking oatmeal with milk and fruits (hello again Papaya! – during fall though not much or no supply during winter) on the sides for breakfast.


Lucky for North Americans that spinach is abundant here and the price is cheap. Spinach is rich in iron, folate, and calcium so it will benefit breastfeeding Moms. Spinach is good for salads but for breastfeeding Moms I will recommend mixing it with your soup dishes (hello yet again Papaya!) with the same reason of getting the benefits of hydration and nutrition at the same time.


Carrots are so rich in Vitamin A, and since I am a believer that what you take in will also be taken in by my little one, I munch a lot of this because I hope my little one will have a better eye vision than me. This can also be easily grown at your home, either through taking its stalk and directly planting it in a pot with soil or using seeds. During the cold months make a carrot puree then mix it with warm milk. Oh! and this same recipe you can give it to your little one who is already starting solids, and just use breast milk to mix in to the puree.


Okay, these are quite intense galactagogues so I’d rather have you ask a lactation consultant first. Also, if you have nut/legume allergies please consult first with your family doctor. But yes these ingredients are so popular in increasing milk supply. I have used and still using using Mother’s Milk from Traditional Medicinals. I use 3-4 tea bags a day to maximize its benefits.

I found a capsule form of fenugreek and blessed thistle from Amazon that is manufactured by Nature’s Way and yes, I also take this supplement to increase my milk supply. But then again, if you can please consult first with a lactation consultant before taking it.


Hold your horses there lady! Too much alcohol can reduce milk supply but barley itself can increase it. Wholefoods has this in organic form and this is good to mix in soups (Hello Papaya, Spinach, and Carrots!!!), and risotto dishes. I love treating myself to risotto dishes during the cold months.


Yes, aside from being a good source of Omega 3 and DHA benefits, it can increase your milk supply. Salmon is abundant in North America. I’d recommend though using it for soup dishes so you can mix it with other foods mentioned here.

There you go! Hope you are now excited to cook up your own recipe with these ingredients. For me it is all about soup, soup, soup because you get hydration and nutrition at the same time.