One and a half hour travel and breastfeeding a toddler

So it was Thanksgiving weekend for Canadians and for my family it means travel time!  This is also a very good timing because it is the holiday before Halloween and we want to do some pumpkin picking. We researched online for Fall Fun activities for toddlers and found Snyder’s Farm. It was a one and a half hour drive from our place in Toronto so I had to make some preparations before we left. Here are my key notes that I want to share with breastfeeding Moms:

  1. Breastfeed your little one before you leave the house in the last minute. This is especially helpful for Moms with little ones that are under 1 year because during this age they breastfeed almost every 1 hour. If your little one is over 6 months and have started eating solids, give them solids first then breastfeed before you leave your house. With my toddler, I did the same thing where I gave solids for breakfast then breastfed before we left our place.
  2. Do not forget your nursing cover! I love this scarf from Skip Hop because it does not show your back if you have to lift your shirt when you breastfeed. It also has a breathable fabric that allows your little one to breath easily while being covered. It also has a mesh that allows you to see your little one while he/she latches on to your breast.
  3. If you have a little one that is younger than 2, do not forget to bring your baby carrier. I find using a baby carrier while traveling easier than using a stroller because I do not have to worry about pushing my stroller in mud, sand, and rocks. When we traveled to Hong Kong and my little one was only 7 months old, we only brought with us a baby carrier so I did not have to worry about looking for an elevator in the Subway or in Malls because of my stroller. I also did not have to worry about checking-in my stroller and having to pull it in the baggage area in the airport.
  4. I love organic food pouches especially when we are travelling because it is so convenient and my little one treats it like juice.
  5. Aside from the food pouches, I also bring lots of toddler snacks. My little one likes freeze dried fruits and vegetables snacks as well as corn snacks so this will keep my little one busy during the travel. I’d rather have my little one munch on snacks than watch shows in iPad.
  6. Use a spill-proof snack cup, and I like the Skip Hop snack cup because it has a cover so the crumbs do not fall to the car or in my little one’s car seat. Playing with food is normal for babies and toddlers so the snack cup helps in keeping your car clean from crumbs. Although it won’t be 100% clean of crumbs of course but it helps.
  7. Wear a nursing bra! This is for easier access and less hassle when you breastfeed your little one. I like the padded nursing bras especially during cold weather and of course it helps prevent your nipples from showing through your shirt if your breasts are full. If you do not buy a nursing bra, at least do your breasts a favor and use wire-free bras because it gives your breasts more freedom and feel more relaxed, which helps in maintaining your milk supply.
  8. I love to wear v-neck shirts because I do not have to lift my shirt when my little one needs to breastfeed.
  9. Of course do not forget to bring extra diapers, baby wipes, and change of clothes. Family farm fun encourages dirty clothes due to the fun-filled activities so make sure you are ready with a change of clothes.

Hope this list will help you in your short car travels and if you have not yet tried visiting a family farm, go ahead! There are other options aside from Snyder’s Farm so check them out. Pumpkin picking is super fun for little ones and you can encourage independence because they can choose which pumpkin they want to bring home.

Happy Halloween!