Cranberry Festival and Breastfeeding a Toddler

Last Sunday October 14 was the Cranberry Festival in Muskoka, Ontario and the travel time is 2.5 hours by car from Toronto.


This is a more challenging travel than what we did last week due to the longer car ride. Having a toddler also means that we have to deal with melt-downs due to boredom. During our way home, my little one got so bored because it was already dark outside so there is nothing to be seen. Also, my little one asked for breastmilk during our travel on our way home, which was unusual because I breastfed before we left Muskoka. I think it is because of the boredom that my little one wanted some connection with me. Here are my tips then when travelling for 2 or more hours with a breastfeeding toddler:


  1. I always say this, which is breastfeed your little one right before you leave the house. It can save you hours of not having to deal with cries for breast milk while you are travelling.
  2. Pack your nursing scarf
  3. Never forget your little one’s diapers, baby wipes, and change of clothes
  4. Pack some snacks for your little one
  5. Do not forget toys for entertainment in the road
  6. Ensure your car or your phone has GPS. This is very important if you have to make a stop to breastfeed your little one
  7. Pack your cellphone’s charger because if you use your phone for GPS just like what we did.


  1. When your little one is looking for breastmilk, immediately look at your right to search for exits that have stop over stations for gas and food.
  2. Use your GPS to guide you to the nearest stop over station.
  3. If you have someone with you, while you are breastfeeding, ask him/her to buy food for your family 🙂 Maximize your stop over! If change of diaper is needed then do so as well.
  4. Do not shorten your little one’s breastfeeding session.


  1. Breastfeed before you leave the place
  2. Again, make sure you have GPS when going home for emergency breastfeeding stop overs in the road.
  3. For toddlers who are crying due to boredom, make a stop over to make them run around for a while and you can also use this stop over to breastfeed your toddler and change his/her diapers.

Have fun this fall season!