Breastfeeding Essentials During Winter

Breastfeeding is challenging and winter brings in more challenge because of the many layered clothing that the Mom and Baby needs to wear during this season. Hence, we need something that can help us easily breastfeed our little ones without compromising exposure to harsh weather.


  1. A baby carrier will help a lot when breastfeeding a little one especially if you are in a public place. The pads of the baby carrier can help in insulating your little one from the cold weather. What I do when I need to breastfeed is to loosen the hooks at the shoulder and lift my breasts to my little one’s reach or what my other friends do is that they shift their little ones to the side by loosening the hook of the other side.
  2. I use a baby carrier cover for better protection against cold weather for my little one.
  3. Using a nursing top and a nursing bra will help you and your little one have an easy accessibility but just like the Mom in the featured image of this blog, I sometimes just lift my shirt and ready to breastfeed.
  4. I still use my full panel maternity pants because the extra layer provided by the panel in my stomach area gives additional warmth and if I just lift my shirt then my tummy is still protected from the cold.
  5. If you go to work and pump milk, winter is really good for breast milk storage because the cold weather prevents your milk from easily being spoiled.

Worry not about winter 🙂 with the right ‘tools’ you and your little one can breeze through it.

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