Dia de los Muertos in Bayview and where to breastfeed


The Day of the Dead celebration yesterday was so much fun and filled with food, music, and items for sale. It was a great way to learn about this tradition practiced by another culture. We Filipinos do not have this so it was such a learning experience for me, my husband, and especially my little one. Exposure to other cultures is very important to children so they grow up with an open mind and acceptance.

As I scoured the area for a breastfeeding section, I found none except for benches and chairs. So, my advice for breastfeeding Moms for events just like this is:

1. Breastfeed little one in the car as you park in the parking area.

2. Bring your nursing scarf.

3. Should you need to breastfeed, just look for a bench and use your nursing scarf for coverup.

4. Use a nursing bra and if you have a shirt with a deep V-neckline then it will be easier for breastfeeding.

Have a great Halloween!