Toronto Aurora Festival

Finally my husband came back for a short while but will be gone again for the next two weeks! So please bear with me in my post frequency.

Anyway, we went to the Toronto Aurora Festival last Saturday, December 1. We got the 4-6pm tickets. Glad that we did because the rain started to pour at 6pm.

I have a breastfeeding toddler and we had a very challenging adventure because I forgot to bring my nursing scarf! So here are my tips if you plan to go to the Festival:

1. Breastfeed your little one before you leave the car. This will save you from breastfeeding in the cold and VERY windy weather. Take note, they only have tents available and nothing much can help you if you have an infant that needs to breastfeed. The place is near a body of water so expect that the weather is going to be very cold, wet, and windy.

2. Bundle up! Like literally treat the weather to be at below zero.

3. DO NOT FORGET your nursing scarf. Yes use a scarf so it wraps around you and your little one to provide additional warmth. Their tents are located near the entrance and you will have to breastfeed while others are eating around you. I forgot to bring my nursing scarf but good thing that my parka has a room for me to cover the part of my breast that shows up while breastfeeding.

4. Use a shirt with a V-neckline because it is going to be very cold if you have to lift up your shirt. Of course, if you have a nursing top then that is better so wear it.

It is a very windy place so if you still want to go there then just book the earliest time slot (it gets dark at 5pm anyways), bundle up and wear gloves, use your nursing scarf as an additional layer for warmth, and BRING YOUR STROLLER even if you have a toddler because it will help protect your little one from the weather. Of course, bring your phone camera. The lights are very pretty! Do not waste the 20CAD/head cost of tickets so bring your phone camera. By the way, cameras like DSLRs are not allowed. Bottled water is also not allowed.