Flu and breastfeeding toddler

My little one had the flu for the past week and is still recovering this week. Fever went on for almost 4 days, cough and colds are mucus-y. It was a struggle because my husband went to the USA for the week, and we had the winter storm. It was a nightmare week! But as a Mom, had to survive through all of that. So, I would like to share with you what I learned during this week so you can also breeze through your challenges:

1. Drink lots of liquid, for both you and your little one. According to the ER doctor, liquids are very important if your little one is feverish and has mucus-y cough/cold.

2. Sponge bath your little one twice daily especially before getting to bed for better sleep.

3. Use a cold mist humidifier.

4. If you don’t have a steamer at home, boil water then put that in a ceramic/metal bowl that is wide enough for your little one’s face. Mix Vick’s Vaporub or Eucalyptus essential oil in the bowl of hot water. Let your little one’s face go over the steam from the bowl. Just be very CAREFUL, because this is hot water. The steam is what is important because this helps clear out his air passageways.

5. Use Hydrasense or whatever saline solution that is infant/child friendly.

6. Use Nose Frida Snot sucker or any Nasal Aspirator for infants/children to help clear out the mucus especially for little one’s that do not know how to blow their noses. If your little one is around 2, you can teach him/her how to blow nose by showing how you do it.

7. Never stop breastfeeding! Breastmilk will help in building your little one’s immune system to fight off the virus.

8. If your little one’s appetite is reduced, I had mine eat the following: Chicken Noodle Soup, Banana, Apple, Strawberry, Avocado, Orange, Croissant, and Yogurt. These are the only food that my little one wanted to eat. Please avoid chocolates, sweets, and anything that is fried. My little one likes crispy food and I used apple as alternative.

*For working moms, try to arrange for a work from home set-up with your manager if possible. If not, try to have a relative or friend be with your little one. My husband was not with me for one week, I just can’t imagine single parents. That’s why I respect them!

Bundle up! Spring is near so just a little more patience.