Breastfeeding in Disney World Parks w/ tips for vacationing family

There are 4 theme parks in Disney World Florida, we did not get the chance to visit the 2 water parks since we only had 4 days and 3 nights vacation. We stayed at Disney Pop Century resort, which is the CHEAPEST Disney Hotel. I have a breastfeeding toddler, and I am listing down below my tips for families with little angels and realistic breastfeeding experience while visiting this wonderful vacation spot:

  1. Book a Disney Hotel. The convenience of having a shuttle bus from your hotel to a Disney park is a must for every family with very small children.
  2. Do your hotel check-in online because you get FREE magic bands if you do so, plus you get to manage your itinerary/plans using the Disney My Experience app.
  3. Get the Magical Express package. Your checked-in luggage will magically appear in your Disney Hotel. Hence, when you arrive in your hotel just go to the front-desk to get your free magic bands, officially check-in, meet the characters if by chance they are visiting your hotel, then immediately take a shuttle to your Disney Park of choice. Also, place your luggage tags BEFORE you check in your luggage. This will prompt your airline to give your checked-in luggage to Disney crew.
  4. Book an early morning flight to Florida. If you are coming from Canada and not a US/Canada passport holder, expect some delays in the Immigration so make sure to arrive at the airport around 3 or 4 hours before your flight. A morning flight will also mean you will be able to tour 1 park on the day of your arrival. We chose Animal Kingdom on our first day since it is a medium-size park and our toddler cannot ride all of the park rides due to size and safety limitations. You can also choose Hollywood Studios on your first day but I suggest not to do it because even if it is the smallest theme park, you would want to explore the Animal Kingdom park until the evening. Some will suggest Epcot but I will suggest otherwise especially if you love to explore each “country” theme in Epcot and it will really take a lot of time to do so.
  5. Breastfeed before you leave your hotel. This is a must for those with really small children and have not yet started with solid food.
  6. Buy a thermos food jar. This will come in handy for small children who needs a bit of frequent solid feeding. Remember that the food stalls sells hot dogs, fries, burgers, pies, etc. so if your little one has not yet been given this type of food then bringing a thermos food jar with you will help.
  7. Buy multiples of those baby food pouches in supermarkets. This will really help you in feeding your little ones with solid foods that are healthy. Also buy multiples of baby food snacks.
  8. Yes, I am a breastfeeding advocate, but if you are formula feeding, make sure to ask your hotel to give you a kettle so you can boil water. It will be hard to bring bottled water during your flight.
  9. In relation to 8, have a portable water sterilizer/purifier with you because water from the faucet in hotels are not potable. You can buy one in Amazon, it is called Lifestraw.
  10. Bring your breastfeeding scarf with you ALWAYS. This is where the truth comes in, yes there are Baby Care Centers in all of the 4 Theme Parks where your can comfortably nurse/breastfeed your little one. But these parks are huge especially Magic Kingdom. You will find it very difficult to maneuver from one part of the Park to the Baby Care Center. The walk that you will have to do is long, and a hungry baby needs to be fed immediately.
  11. Buy a rain poncho for every family member in advance and bring your rain cover for strollers. Even if it is summer, rain is unpredictable in Florida. Canadian Tire and MEC have good cheap rain ponchos. A rain poncho inside the Disney Park will cost you around 11-15USD. This is USD, so if you convert to CAD it will cost you more. Also the poncho available inside the Disney Park is flimsy and of weak material so I will rather spend my CAD in buying lots of baby food pouches.
  12. Bring your strollers even if your little one is already a preschooler because little ones will get tired from all the walks, stimulation, and pure joy that they will experience in Disney.

By the way, if you have time, make your vacation 6 days and 5 nights long at least. We only had 4 days and 3 nights so we were only able to visit the 4 Theme Parks. If you plan to visit their water parks and go outside of Disney to visit Universal Studios or other parts of Florida then one week is NOT enough.

And of course, do NOT forget to enjoy! This is a happy and magical vacation for everyone in the family.