Moving to Australia, breastfeeding in Guangzhou and Sydney airports

We recently had a 28-hour flight from Toronto to Sydney. will soon move to We took the China Southern airline, which meant our lay-over is in Guangzhou, China. So, here are the breastfeeding learning and tips for this very long-haul flight:

  1. Toronto Pearson Airport – only found one in Terminal 1 gate D37. It is a combined family washroom and nursing room, which is a bit of hygienic concern. Our flight is in Terminal 3 and I did not find any nursing room. Hence, I just made my toddler breastfeed under my nursing scarf BEFORE the flight.
  2. Breastfeed your little one before riding the airplane. This will help you in fixing your carry-on luggage without having to deal with a fuzzy baby.
  3. Airlines always let families with babies go inside the airplane first together with those in Business class. Take advantage of this opportunity because it will help you set-up your carry-on luggage first and get settled in your seats comfortably.
  4. Premium economy and Business class seats is hard for those with breastfeeding toddlers that love to nurse before sleeping and just as they wake up because the arm rests or privacy shields cannot be removed. Hence, your toddler will have to adjust in the seat or your will have to lean over so he can reach your breasts.
  5. For those traveling with infants, ask for bassinets from your airlines when you book a ticket. Sometimes bassinets have a limitation per airplane so make sure to book yours in advance.
  6. Guangzhou Airport – also, did not find a nursing room. So, breastfeed using your nursing scarf.
  7. Sydney Airport (arrival) – no nursing room, so again use your nursing scarf. Also, for new immigrants please declare everything even if it is a hassle because the Border Police will appreciate it more if you declare and at least this will avoid any unnecessary Police clearances.

Lastly, with all the long haul travels that our family has encountered, one thing is for sure: Bring your Nursing scarf always, Wear Nursing Bras, and Wear loose tops if you find nursing tops expensive. This will help you in your breastfeeding during long flights. Do not forget to buy souvenirs and to enjoy the trip!