Writing a Birth Plan

A birth plan ensures that your intentions and expectations on how you envision the birth of your baby is going to be. This will also serve as an avenue for your to discuss different options with your health practitioner and birthing team for a more informed decision.  It is a document which outlines your preferences for a variety of comfort measures. This will also help your support system in understanding your birth wishes ahead of time thus allowing them to guide your birthing team when you are in actual labor and giving birth.

Keep your birth plan short and concise. Avoid long paragraphs and essays in your birth plan. Of course, please do not be rigid and strict when it comes to your expectations. Do not state the hospital standard but be clear about your wishes.

Also, it pays to be ready so prepare two birth plans: one for normal birthing and one for cesarean section birthing. You will never know if an emergency will happen that requires you to have a c-section.

Below is a sample birth plan that you can fill-up:

Page 1 (2)Page 2 (2)Page 3 (2)

Feel free to save and print the 3 photos above for your reference.