Cloth Diapers and Travelling – can you do it?

As you would have known, I have lived in 3 countries for the past 3.5 years, which is the same age as my little one. But during this period, we have never weaned from breastfeeding, but we indeed stopped using cloth diapers the moment our trip to Canada was finalized. However, there was a land travel within the Philippines that we still opted to use cloth diapers. It was around 4 hours travel, and the stay is a 3 days 2 nights stay. How did we survive? Read on!

  1. Pack at least 25 pieces of cloth diapers and liners
  2. Bring with you a trusted soiled disposable nappy bag that you can discretely keep in a bag for soiled clothes and diapers (separate from your baby bag of course!)
  3. Pack latex gloves because you will have to hand-wash first to remove the poops and the stink of pee
  4. Bring a small basin and your trusted laundry liquid for hand-washing the diapers first before throwing them to the washing machine and drying them in the dryer of the hotel. If there is no dryer in the hotel then just hang in the balcony where the sun hits.

If the air travel is only short like 1 hour or less, then it should be fine but remember, you do not want to be frequently changing nappies while you are getting your luggage, bless you if this is an international flight, and then hailing a cab if you are visiting a place. Plus with all the luggage that you have with you, I don’t think it’s a good idea to add more to your stress. So, for air travel, cloth diapers are a No-Go for me.

Bus and train travels are also not a good choice if you still opt for cloth diapers. Again, the amount of luggage that you have with you (on top of your baby bag) is more than enough to give you stress.

Hence, for me, car travel is good with partnering with cloth diaper usage because you have the luxury of time, and space to do the necessary.

Yet again, check your itinerary first before you choose to pack cloth diapers. If your vacation is action-packed with less time in your hands, then honey it’s best to use disposable diapers. I know you want to save the environment but just be realistic and kind to yourself. Remember, you are also breastfeeding on top of this! I’d rather spend my effort in breastfeeding rather than in diapering. Just my 2 cents.