Nanny cam or no?

With the many Nanny problems like nannies hurting the little ones they are taking care of, a Mum recently asked me if Nanny cams can help. Nanny cams, yes help you monitor and if it’s a 2-way camera where you can talk directly then the better it is. However, I need to warn you that this will be helpful after the fact that your nanny hurts your little one (*cross fingers*)

So, do I recommend using Nanny cams? Absolutely! However, please research first what are the video and audio recordings laws in your country, and of course please respect their privacy. Do not put cameras in your nanny’s bathroom or bedroom. Rather, be strict and tell them that they cannot bring your child in their private rooms.

What do you need to look for in Nanny cams then?

1. HD – you will need a high resolution camera to be able to monitor very well. Depending on budget, 720pm or 1080pm is enough

2. Audio – of course you would want to hear if your nanny is teaching unnecessary words to your child. And this feature will also allow you to speak through the camera, usually it comes with an app that you can use for talking. Make sure you read the product description, and it’s best if the talking is 2-way.

3. Wireless – of course you want a camera that comes with an app that you can download to your Android or iPhone handsets.

4. Live Streaming and Recording – this is very important because it will allow you to watch your Nanny “live” and record what is happening in your household.

5. Motion Activation – of course for Working Moms or those on the go, you can’t always be available to watch your phone. This feature sends you alerts of a motion is detected in front of it.

6. Viewing Angle – I prefer a camera that can capture 365 degrees because your Nanny can just hide at the sides if she knows that there are limitations in your camera’s view. If this feature makes your camera expensive, a cheap alternative is a wide-angle nanny camera.

Friendly note to working Moms: This might add more stress to you though because you will always be on your toes and alert especially if you have that gut-feeling that something is wrong. But, yes it may cause more stress, yet you can have a peace of mind that if anything happens then you are able to capture it.