Baby Skincare

Our baby’s skin is very sensitive and we want their skin to be soft and smooth forever. My little one gets eczema when it is very cold during winter. This is why whenever the season changes in Canada my little one’s skincare products also changes.


IMG_3912This soap is our go-to whenever our little one has eczema outbreaks. It is so good in shortening my little one’s eczema period. Also, when we first used this, we noticed better sleep and no more cries of itchiness from our little one.

The only drawback for this body wash is that it is not tear-free. My little one will cry even if a soap bubble touches the eyes. So, if I use this one I make sure to use it from neck down. If I have to use it in my little one’s face, I am very careful in doing so.

For the smell, it does not have any strong smell and it feels like a milky soap that you just lather on your skin. The bubble is not much so it really is much like an ordinary body wash but very effective on dry itchy skin. You may buy this at Amazon. 


IMG_3914My little one enjoys this wash because of the bubbles that it creates. The smell is true to its name, it is indeed a relaxing smell of lavender but not too strong so it really is made for babies. It is also gentle enough to be used in my little one’s scalp. It is tear-free and the ingredients are mostly plant-derived and paraben-free.

However, we only use this wash if the season is not winter. I have tried this during winter when we first came here in Canada but it is not effective against my little one’s eczema.

When we arrived in Canada I was surprised at how affordable this brand is because back in the Philippines this small size costs 25CAD but here I bought it at around 6.99CAD only. I buy this bubble bath and wash at Amazon because Amazon does a very good job in price matching.