Breastfeeding 101

According to World Health Organization, breastfeeding is the way of giving infants nutrients they need for healthy growth and development through a Mother’s milk.  UNICEF highlights that breastfeeding is a vital part of providing every child with the healthiest start to life. It is a baby’s first vaccine and the best source of nutrition, and can bolster brain development.

So how does your breasts make milk? I am not certified nor am I an expert on the science of breast milk, but I did found a good resource for you. The video below is from the website of Ameda, they are one of the leading providers of breast pumps worldwide, and it briefly shows how the breasts develop milk. Little do you know that once you get pregnant, your breasts are already producing milk.

The first stage of milk that is produced by your body is called a colostrum. In my experience, the color of this milk is yellow but some Moms refer to it as sticky white. This type of milk is very important because it has a very rich amount of antibodies, which