Family, Work, Society

These three groups are the most influential in my breastfeeding journey. I would like to share my experiences in each of these three groups, and hopefully you can learn in my experiences with them. It really was a challenging experience for me and I hope my mistakes will not be your mistakes as well.

But if we are already in the same boat or if we both have the same experiences, then I do believe that we can strongly support each other and hopefully learn from each other’s journeys.

Family is tough because they are very close to you and the relationships are challenged when it comes to choices for newly born angels.

Work, on the other hand, brings in the money needed by the family. One wrong mistake, and you can be out of your job. And there are times wherein you are forced to rather choose work than to breastfeed. Both work and breastfeeding will demand time, and I have had countless situations when I have to decide which to prioritize.

Society represents the people that we encounter wherever we are. Some people could be supportive of breastfeeding but others are not. Some will choose not to look at you when you breastfeed in public but others will throw dagger looks at you. Yes, we have “rights” as breastfeeding Moms but law enforcers are not always there at the moment when someone is annoyed at you because you are breastfeeding.

All I can say is that ever since I gave birth, these three groups have given me challenges that I never thought would be pushing me to mature to motherhood. And I hope, that through me you get to learn a lot and apply the lessons in your own breastfeeding journey.