I am neither a medical practitioner nor a licensed aesthetician but I am a Mom who is very concerned about the products that I put on my skin because I am a believer that whatever I use or take can be transmitted to my breastmilk.

For confirmation and professional advice, please consult with your dermatologist, pediatrician, andĀ obstetrician-gynecologist. For dermatologists for little ones, I suggest specialists like pedia-dermatologist.


Just like skincare, hair products can have ingredients that are harmful to your little ones when you are nursing. I am pretty much on the safe side so I have not yet chemically colored, straightened, or curled my hair. I just use straightening and curling tools to style my hair. I have read some blogs and websites where they mentioned that chemically treating your hair has no direct impact to breastfeeding. But, I would rather be on the safe side or you can consult your health practitioner. I also suggest reading this website fromĀ TheAsianParentĀ that consists of a more comprehensive discussion on beauty products and breastfeeding.

I will maintain the same ingredients to look out for in hair care products especially on the list of Parabens. If you can go as natural and as organic as possible for your haircare products, the better:

  1. Propylparaben
  2. Ethylparaben
  3. Butylparaben
  4. Isopropyl
  5. Isobutyl
  6. Methylparaben

I really try to use organic and natural products ever since I got pregnant.



This brand has always been true to being organic and natural. The smell of the Nourishing Lavender kind is so wonderfully relaxing. I like the smell of lavender because it induces relaxation.

The shampoo and conditioner are Paraben-free and Vegan, which makes it really natural. I like vegan products because the ingredients are all plant-derived.

Another good thing about this brand is that the bottle is biodegradable.

If you buy this in Amazon, make sure you check if the duo option is available because buying both at from one listing is sometimes cheaper if you buy them separately.