Lactation Experts in Canada

Of course, Dr. Jack Newman is an expert when it comes to breastfeeding. His International Breastfeeding Centre provides not just support but also education on breastfeeding. This Centre will also help you if you have concerns on your breastmilk supply and its accompanying health concerns like mastitis and clogged ducts.

This Centre is not funded by the Canadian government so if you have some spare money please donate to this clinic. I am very supportive of Dr. Jack Newman, and when I get pregnant again I will make sure that my little one and I will have continuous sessions with his clinic. For booking an appointment, just follow this link.

If you are looking for a certified lactation consultant, there is no better plan to find one than in Canadian Lactation Consultant Association. Their reach is spread across Canada so if you need to find one you can go directly to this link, then just enter your postal code and your preferred search distance. For me, I will look for a lactation consultant that is within 3KM in my postal code so that I can easily reach out to my LC especially for urgent matters.