When I choose nursing products or even clothes for my little one especially during the infancy stage, I always choose the organic option to avoid skin allergies. However, there are nursing aids that might not have an organic option or it can’t be bought in Canada so it is okay if you don’t go the organic path as long as the textile is¬†hypoallergenic.


71+9HkowfCL._SL1500_The Kindred Bravely organic nursing pads are a good choice that can be found in because they usually go on sale and it contains 8 pieces of pads. I use these pads whenever I feel that my breasts are full of milk and my nipples are starting to harden. Yes, this is the feeling that you get if you don’t remove/pump your breastmilk. Using these pads help me cover up my nipples or when my little one was younger it helped me during milk leaks to avoid from showing through my blouse/top. This brand can only be bought in Amazon and if you prefer other brands, Amazon also has other organic nursing pads for you to choose from.


71PbC++7lnL._SL1500_Okay, it is difficult to find a nursing pillow where the filling is made of organic cotton so I chose a nursing pillow that has an organic slipcover.

The Boppy nursing pillow has the organic slipcover option and my little one is comfortable in using this pillow because of the curve design.

The only concern that I have with this pillow is that it does not have a lock so when my little one is fussy I find that the pillow is also moving. Hence, if I do not have anything to do then I just proceed to breastfeed using the side-lying position because it helps a lot in getting the rest that I needed.

I have tried searching this pillow and the most convenient store to buy this is yes, in Amazon. If you just gave birth and especially if you had C-Section, you cannot move around so much so if you have not yet purchased this one yet and wanted to have one, Amazon is a savior when it comes to shopping from your home.


81v2-zv5+yL._SL1500_This scarf has saved my breastfeeding journey a million times because my little one who is always fussy when breastfeeding while using a cover find this scarf very comfortable. I think what makes this nursing cover easy to use is that there is a mesh that allows me or my little one to see each other, which gives security to my little one that I am just right there. I purchased this exact color, which is the Black Heather because I can easily pair it with any type of clothing and use it as a scarf or a stylish cover-up especially during winter.

Another thing that makes this scarf at the top of my favorite list is that it provided overall body coverage, meaning if you lift your shirt up it will cover your exposed tummy and back because it can cover your back side. I always use this whenever we travel and wherever I need to breastfeed. I always bring this one with me when we go out of our home even for just a visit to the park. Well, even with the non-discrimination law or human rights for breastfeeding Moms, I still feel that covering up will make it easier especially for those who has not yet completely accepted breastfeeding in public.

Here’s the link to Amazon listing, and it could be quite pricey but I tell you I’ve been using this scarf since day 1. I only purchased one scarf and I always use the mesh laundry bag when I throw this to the washer.