Power Pumping – will it increase my milk supply? YES

I have a section in this website about increasing breastmilk supply, and it discussed how demand and supply affects your milk production. The higher the demand, the higher the supply. Unlike taking galactogogues where your supply is increased but the demand remains the same that could lead to breastfeeding complications such as clogged ducts or mastitis, power pumping is a way where you increase the demand for milk by mimicking the breastfeeding demand of a baby during a growth spurt period in order to increase your milk supply. This process is accomplished through the use of a breastpump. It triggers your body to produce more milk because of the “increase in demand” through pumping.

I do power pumping at night everyday when I started going back to work, and I experienced a dip in my breastmilk supply. However, I need to warn you because power pumping can lead to issues with oversupply issues if you have normal supply. Hence, please see a lactation consultant first before you start power pumping, maybe you just don’t realize that you have enough milk for your little one 🙂


Allot 60 minutes (1 hour) when you power pump. I do this at night because it is the time when my little one is asleep so I won’t be disrupted. The process differs if you have a double pump and a single pump.



Pump for 20 minutes Pump for 10 minutes in right breast
Rest for 10 minutes Pump for 10 minutes in left breast
Pump for 10 minutes Pump for 10 minutes in right breast
Rest for 10 minutes Pump for 10 minutes in left breast
Pump for 10 minutes Pump for 10 minutes in right breast
Pump for 10 minutes in left breast

TOTAL: 60 minutes

TOTAL: 60 minutes

Others suggest that you do this twice a day, but since I was a working Mom when I did this, I made sure that I do it every night for one whole month. I did this because it did not only increase my milk supply but it also helped me in increasing my milk stash. My milk supply increased after 8 days of power pumping. Note that the experience is different from one mom to another.

999999-20451679440_1.jpgAs seen above, the pumping times are long especially if you use a single pump, hence I suggest the use of a hands-free pumping bra. It will look exactly like the bra showcased in the picture below, which I got from Medela and as you can see in the picture the Mom is able to take calls while pumping at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking 🙂

I provided separate review for this bra in the Products Review page for further raves about this product. It is soooooo convenient to use and it is worth the investment. I just have 2 for these bras because if one is in the laundry then I have an extra one to use.

Also, while power pumping keep yourself hydrated by keeping a big pitcher of water and a glass at your side to keep you from being thirsty. Choose a peaceful spot where you can pump. What I do during power pumping is I watch my favorite TV series in order to cure the boredom and to prevent me from counting the number of pumping sessions left.

Power pumping is a great avenue for increasing your milk supply but please consult first with your lactation consultant before you embark in this journey. A prescribed view of your milk supply is important before starting any steps in increasing milk supply.