This section will review products that I use during breastfeeding. I have also used some of these products while I was pregnant. Here are the sections that I have for this page:


This section will review the various skincare products that I have used and I think are safe to use while breastfeeding. I am a research junkie so I when I was on my maternity leave I’ve looked into various product ingredients that are safe to use while breastfeeding. Mama still needs her moisturizer to prevent those wrinkles and protect her skin from harsh winter dryness 🙂


This section also reviews the safe haircare products for breastfeeding Moms to use through the list of ingredients that I’ve gathered in my personal research that are not safe to use.


This section will cover the various nursing necessities needed at home and outside.


This section discusses the various pumps that I have used as well as other pumping accessories that will aid your pumping journey.


I have included this section because I think that it is also important to check the products that we directly use in the skin of our little ones.