Pumping is one of the essentials that a breastfeeding Mom will go through if there will be a period where she can’t directly nurse her little one. Pumping allows a Mother to build a supply of breast milk that will later be consumed by her little one when she is away. This is very important for me when I went back to work. Researching before buying or renting your breast pump is important. I suggest though to buy your own breast pump if you have the money for better hygienic purposes and  newer pump parts.

spectra-flange-pair-1One thing about pumping is that you need to measure first your nipples tips because the flange size of the pump will matter.  If the size you get is too small or too big than your correct size, the pumping output is adversely affected.

The picture on the left is the flange part of the pump. The tunnel in the middle is where your nipples will enter for the suction of the milk. I suggest you first read through this web page from Medela that discusses about getting the correct sizing for you.


6000198433757I bought this breast pump because with all of the accessories that came with it. I find it very convenient  because the size of the pump machine is small and I don’t have to buy the ice pack, cooler bag, and storage bottles separately. Also, the bag can be a handbag or a backpack. I chose the handbag because I use a backpack for my laptop. This is also a hospital-grade pump, which means that hospitals use this. The one drawback in my experience with this pump is that there is no light embedded in the pump so I can’t use this that much when I pump at night. I don’t go out of our bedroom when I pump at night because I want to see my little one personally (not through a baby monitor or picture) to establish the “feeling” of direct breastfeeding. I also find that there is not much customization/adjustment that you can make in the speed and suction of the pump. I find this important because pumping is supposed to mimic the breastfeeding pattern of my little one.

You can read more about its specifications from the Canada website of Medela. You can also buy this from Amazon and just click on this link.


S1Family_SL1500_-705x705I was so happy when I got the money to buy this pump. Yes, I bought another pump because I also wanted to experience what the “Spectra ladies” are raving about in the Philippines. When I bought this, there is no bag that came with it, it’s just the pump and its parts with two milk storage bottles. It is also bulky to carry especially if you commute using public transportation. However, carrying it can be resolved if you have a handbag that accommodate its dimensions. But the great things that I rave about this pump are as follows:

  1. It comes with a massage mode
  2. Suction levels can be adjusted – I use the highest option because with many experimentation this has given me the most milk output
  3. It is very quiet so I am able to power pump in the same room as my little one
  4. It is closed system
  5. And it has a night light! 🙂 I am happy with this feature because it has given me more convenience to pump at night or in the wee hours in the morning

You can read more about its specifications from the USA website of Spectra. I have not found this in Amazon but I am able to find this in e-Bay.

IMG_3911One thing that I’d like to emphasize though when it comes to electric pumps is that please be very careful when handling them. I dropped my Spectra S1 pump on a hard floor and there two buttons sank. The button in the middle is the power button and gladly that my fingers are slim (you can use a sharpie) enough to insert in the hole and press the button to turn on/off the pump. I have not found a service center for breastpumps in the Philippines or Canada especially for Spectra so please be very careful with your pump. 


IMG_3910I always think that manual pumps are not effective but when I tried this pump, I changed my mind. I use this pump whenever my little one breastfeeds, meaning my little one is latching on one breast while I pump on the other breast. It is very effective in gathering milk while I breastfeed my little one and I do not have to worry about the noise that can disrupt my little one.

I also use this pump as a back-up pump in my office. Sleep deprivation can really challenge your brain cells that I do sometimes forget my breast pump bag at home. Glad that I always have this in my office bag with a back-up milk storage bag. Although for regular pumping I do not find this as effective as electric pumps but it is good enough to pump milk when I forget my Spectra/Medela at home. When I checked in Amazon, the price is not so bad.


51ipvhdL6DL._SL1000_Okay, there are a lot of cheaper options but I find this pump bra easy to use, sturdy, and durable. You have to look for a pump bra that is sturdy because while you are pumping, the suction will vibrate and you do not want the suction to be removed from your nipples from time to time. If so, then it defeats the purpose of having a hands free pump bra.

If I am at work and I have to pump, I just remove my nursing bra and replace it with this. The snug fit remains the same even after multiple washes, although I always make sure that I use a laundry mesh bag to protect my valuable undergarments just like this one. I invested in two of these but you can still choose to opt to buy one. Just make sure though that every night you wash it (can be by hand) because you will want to remove the milk stains from the bra for hygienic purposes. I found this in Amazon but it is cheaper compared to if I have to buy this in the Philippines. But in Amazon, they have different listings per size, so my link here is for the medium size. Check the description first before you buy.