In this section, I would like to present to you the various aspects of pumping. Pumping is a time for a Mom to enjoy the blessings of having breastmilk. However, take note that pumping is NEVER a measure of how much breastmilk you produce.

In the Philippines, the maternity leave that we get is much fewer than Canadian Moms. For those who gave birth via C-section they get 78 days, while those who gave birth through normal delivery they get 60 days. This is the reason why Filipino Moms are very concerned when it comes to building their milk stash. Milk stash is basically your breastmilk stored in breastmilk bags for your baby’s consumption when you are away.

When it comes to pumping, there are many questions that for sure will come to your mind:

  • When is the best time for me to build my milk stash? And how big should my stash be before I can say that I am ready to go back to work?
  • What type of breast pump should I use?
  • What is power pumping?
  • Can I exclusively pump my little one?