There is no need to fear using skincare products while you are breastfeeding. Keep it as natural as possible. You will be surprised how natural products can be more beneficial for your skin.


I am neither a medical practitioner nor a licensed aesthetician but I am a Mom who is very concerned about the products that I put on my skin because I am a believer that whatever I use or take can be transmitted to my breastmilk.

For confirmation and professional advice, please consult with your dermatologist, pediatrician, and obstetrician-gynecologist. For dermatologists for little ones, I suggest specialists like pedia-dermatologist.


I will first start this section by listing the ingredients that you need to avoid in a skincare product when you are breastfeeding. Here’s the list:

  1. Retinol
    • Retinoids
    • Retinoic acid/
    • Adapalene
    • Tretinoin
    • Retinyl Linoleate
    • Retinyl Palmitate
    • Tazarotene
  2. Parabens
    • Propylparaben
    • Ethylparaben
    • Butylparaben
    • Isopropyl
    • Isobutyl
    • Methylparaben
  3.  Benzoyl peroxide
  4. Salicylic acid (0.5 to 2%)
  5. Formaldehyde
  6.  Sunblocks
    • Oxybenzone
    • Octinoxate
    • Avobenzone
    • Octisalate
    • Homosalate

Taking into consideration this long list of  ingredients, I suggest browsing through skincare that are in the Organic or Natural Skincare section of your Grocery store. I personally go to Wholefoods for my skincare shopping but there are also drugstore items that are safe for use. Just take note of these ingredients whenever you do your skincare shopping.

I also suggest that you read through this blog from TheAsianParent that consists of a more comprehensive discussion on beauty products and breastfeeding.


IMG_3906Okay, please don’t be disgusted 🙁 But I am not a fan of deodorants and have stopped using one when a well known brand darkened my armpits. When I was in my 20s I had a hair removal laser and whitening treatments so I’ve never had the chance to go back to using one again.

Anyway, yes I am all natural in that area. Okay, not to sound crazy or biased 🙂 but I do not smell bad. I think it is also because of the food that I eat because I don’t like spicy food nor onions or bell peppers. I think these are big contributors to body smell.

But for really hot and humid days especially in the Philippines, I use alum (tawas) powder in my armpits. However, I also stopped using this when I got pregnant and I don’t want to use it while breastfeeding because I believe that the armpit is so near the breasts that I do not want to put anything in it that my little one might get while breastfeeding.

However, when we moved to Canada I saw this brand Tom’s of Maine and they have a natural deodorant . I find the smell of the honeysuckle rose very nice and upon checking its ingredients it is all natural indeed so I think it is okay to use it while breastfeeding. I used this during the hot summer days this 2018 in Toronto. I found this in Wholefoods but Amazon also carries it in its listings.


IMG_3907I am such a big fan of Dr. Bronner’s soap products. I find them great for sensitive skin. During winter, when my skin is all dry and flaky, I use this soap to help my skin.

The ingredients are all natural as well and it is such an established brand that you can trust.

I first used this soap when I had to look for an alternative that is natural and made with organic ingredients. When I found that it is certified organic, then I purchased this soap even if it is a bit costly in the Philippines. I am glad that this brand can also be found here in Canada though either Wholefoods or in Amazon.


815mzQrmhaL._SL1500_Yes I use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer. I only moisturize at night though because the coconut oil can cause a greasy effect on my skin 🙂 I don’t want people to think that they can fry an egg on my face because of how oily it looks.

I use this on my face, neck, hands, and all over my body. My Mom is a fanatic of virgin coconut oil. She is more than 70 years old but she looks like she is in her 60s. Her skin is so soft especially her hands even though she does household chores all thanks to coconut oil.

Here in Canada, I looked for an organic virgin coconut oil and I found this brand called Viva from Amazon. When it said in the label that it is organic I immediately bought it and loved the result afterwards. This has been a great help to my skincare routine especially during winter time.