I also had my fair share of disgusted eyes when I breastfeed in public, and more now that I have a toddler. And yet, what is surprising is that I encountered this more in Canada than in the Philippines. I think it is because of the awareness and the strong breastfeeding community in the Philippines that has helped encourage the society in accepting breastfeeding.

Another factor will be the car seat law in Canada, which makes it difficult for a commuting or passenger Mom to breastfeed her little one. Hence, my advice is to breastfeed your little one before you leave your house, the hotel, the restaurant, or whichever establishment. Traveling and breastfeeding can be quite difficult in Canada so make sure you always bring your nursing cover. If you have your own car it will be an easier journey because you can just park your car then breastfeed your little one. Otherwise, if you take public transportation even through Uber or any ride sharing/hailing app, it is difficult. Some drivers may even reject you because you do not have a car seat with you.

Anyway, I have tried to research the rights of breastfeeding Moms in Canada and here are some of the links that I found, which basically says that breastfeeding Moms have the right to breastfeed in public and they should not be discriminated. However, in my search, only Ontario and British Columbia have explicit rights on breastfeeding, please let me know if you have any other source that can help here:

  1. Ontario:
  2. British Columbia:

Another good source of information is Infact Canada. They have the most comprehensive details on your breastfeeding rights and they strongly support breastfeeding.

My prayers that one day, the society in Canada will be more open to breastfeeding and hopefully the breastfeeding advocates have a stronger voice.