Tired Mother breastfeeding baby

Tired Mother and Painful nipples while breastfeeding a baby

A breastfeeding little one with front teeth budding is one of the fears of nursing Moms. Actually when my little one is 2 days old, I already experienced painful nipples. It was sooooo painful that I dreaded the moment my little one wanted to breastfeed. I almost wanted to give up breastfeeding at the start because I never thought that it would be so painful. And then after 3 days of sleepless nights, the realization of sleep deprivation kicks in.

The pain during the first week after giving birth to my little one stopped at around day 5 or 6. What I remember was that when my little one was 2 weeks old my breasts have already adjusted to the sucking motion and frequency of feeding.

In my personal journal, the second phase of nipple pain started when my little one had two front teeth that are starting to sprout. Because my little one’s gums are itchy or uncomfortable due to the new teeth growing, the frequency of breastfeeding increased and there are times that my little one just wanted to “chew” on my nipples to alleviate the uncomfortable feeling of having new teeth. There are days when I cried and my nipples had some scratches with a bit of blood. Whenever I feel this, I always think that I will go through with this pain and I am not alone in this journey because I am sure that at that the same moment somewhere in the world there sure is a breastfeeding Mommy experiencing the same thing.

I have not used any nipple balm because I was afraid that my little one will suck on the balm that could lead to some allergic reaction. Even if there were organic options, I just did not want to risk this because I see my nipple as a source of food or life for my little one so that’ why I always keep them clean and fresh. My bra is always in the laundry everyday just to ensure that my breasts are clean.

As soon as stages of teeth budding are coming in, there were multiple times that my nipples hurt due to my little one’s “chewing” on my nipples. But I always remember that it is my little one’s saliva that can only cure the scratches in my nipples. Yes, it is your little one’s saliva that can cure the pain. I have not used any medication in my nipples to cure the scratches.

When the teeth of my little stopped budding, which is after the molars have kicked in, that’s when my nipples’ life became easier. Nowadays, rarely do I feel pain in my nipples. My husband is joking the other day, he said that I was just now more immune to the pain and my nipples developed callouses. Of course he was joking, but at least I feel a lot better nowadays that my nipple pain is a rare thing that happens.

So, fear not girl, pain will eventually go away and things will get better 🙂 Happy breastfeeding! 🙂